Advisory Board

Our Pillars of Success

  1. Janardan Gupta (Chairman)
    B.E. (Civil), Educationist and Philanthropist
    His commitment to excellence inspires all of us. He has been the founding brick of our dreams.
  2. Nadeesh Gupta (Manager)
    B.Tech (ECE), PGDASSD, MBA
    His careful attention to minute details leads to perfection. He is an IT wizard.
  3. Hari Ram Mangla
    He brings out the best in us.
  4. Jagmohan Gupta
    (Retd. Lecturer of Physics, Government of Delhi)
    His encouragement, guidance and inspiration helps us in our journey towards excellence.
  5. Veena Gupta
    (Philanthropist and Socialite)
    Her amiable, cheerful and pleasing personality always motivates to spur on.
  6. Sonal Gupta
    (B.Sc (H) (DU) , M.Des (NIFT-B) )
    We always want to thank her for being with us as a colleague and a great friend.
  7. Hemanshi Gupta
    ( (CSE), M.Tech (CSE) )
    Her presence in the team makes a big difference.
  8. Chhaya Aggarwal (Principal)
    M.A. (Eng), B.Ed
    She Mentors and leads, sharing her wisdom and meeting each need, support and advice she supplies, On her the staff and pupil can rely.