Manager’s Message

A Child is born with almost same qualities, energy, and dreams irrespective of where he has taken birth in a village, a town, a city or a mega city. A child born in affluent conditions enjoys the best education. It pains me to see why the other, living in remote area should be deprived of it. With this inspiration, the VIBGYOR Education Society took up a challenge and established VIBGYOR International School in 2005 with a motive to bring education to the rural and remote areas so that these children can also stand proud and turn their dreams into reality.

For over a decade now, our kids are stepping forward and getting exposure to all kinds of activities related to academics, personality development, sports and other important life skills. We are committed to true education which does not have any border, as it is universal in its environment and outreach. We foster and deliver quality education and feel proud to augment a unique learning system in our school which enables our children to understand all concepts in a very interesting manner.

I wish to thank our parents, well wishers, patrons and residents of Pilkhuwa for their constant support and dedication in building a strong bond with almost the members of the VIBGYOR family. I further congratulate the principal and staff whose support and dedication have gone into fetching laurels for the school.

Er. Nadeesh Gupta